Dog Keeps Getting a Recurring Yeast Ear Infection – Top 3 Reasons Why

Yeast ear infections can be highly irritating to dogs, especially if they are recurring every few weeks or months! Here are a few common reasons why a dog may keep getting yeast ear infections.

1. Your dog has bad allergies

Yeast ear infections could be caused by common allergens like pollen and dust. Some dogs may keep getting yeast ear infections because they are more sensitive to these environmental allergies. The vet may need to prescribe medication like Apoquel to help keep the infection under control. Regular ear hygiene routines are also a must-do.

Take not that yeast ear infections aren’t just caused by environmental allergens. It may also be a consequence of food allergic reactions. You might be feeding your dog something he is sensitive to. This may include common ingredients like chicken and dairy products.

2. Water in the dog’s ears

Too much water and soap might be getting into your dog’s ears during bath time. A lot of dogs have long ear canals, which makes it difficult for the trapped water to drain and dry out. This can promote a warm, humid environment in the dog’s inner ear and make it much easier for the yeast ear infection to spread. A pet shower cap could be a simple way to keep water out of your dog’s ears during bath time.

3. Hot and humid weather

Some dogs are more prone to getting recurring yeast ear infections if they live in an area with hot and humid weather conditions. As we alluded to earlier, a combination of warmth and moisture provides an environment for yeast infections to thrive, especially in the dog’s ears where there is also a lack of airflow.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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