3 Comforting Foods for Dogs with Bloody Diarrhea or Bloody Stools

Your dog probably doesn’t have much of an appetite if he is suffering from symptoms like bloody diarrhea. He might take a sniff and uncharacteristically avoid the food. In this situation, it’s important to stop feeding him his regular food and offer something that is bland and more comforting until the dog recovers.

Before You Feed Your Dog

Bloody diarrhea isn’t necessarily an emergency unless it is accompanied by other concerning symptoms like lethargy and signs of extreme pain. Regardless of what is causing the bloody diarrhea, we strongly suggest you check with the vet for care advice.

Typically, dogs suffering from diarrhea will be first requested to “fast” for up to twelve hours before they are introduced to certain types of food. Here are three comforting foods you could potentially feed a dog that is suffering from bloody diarrhea.

Plain Rice and Chicken

A dish consisting of plain chicken and rice is a simple yet effective remedy for comforting dogs with bloody diarrhea. Don’t add any seasoning to the dish. Boil some white meat chicken (without any bones and skin) then cook the rice in the chicken broth. Blend the rice and chicken once they have cooled down. An ideal ratio would consist of two or three cups of white rice for a cup of chicken. Only offer a small amount to your dog at any given time.

Mashed Pumpkin

Pumpkin is another comfort food that works well for dogs with diarrhea and upset stomachs. This is due to the fact that pumpkin is a rich source of water and soluble fiber. There are a number of ways you can prepare the pumpkin. You could either get a can of pumpkin (with no added preservatives) and feed your dog a few tablespoons at a time, or you could also boil some pumpkin until they become soft and mash it with a bit of rice.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements may aid dogs suffering from a variety of stomach issues including diarrhea. We suggest getting a supplement like Zesty Paws probiotics, which contains probiotics that promotes healthy gut flora.

Even dogs that are picky eaters won’t have a problem with this probiotic supplement because it comes in a tasty pumpkin flavor. In addition to these foods and supplements, make sure your dog has access to plenty of clean water so that he doesn’t become dehydrated.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Carmen | 14/04/2021

    Can I give a dog that has diarrhea blueberry yogurt, blended carrots, sweet potato or should I just start him off with rice n chicken broth ? & for how long should I continue giving it to him ?

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