Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Another Dog’s Poop

By now, it may not come as a surprise when you see your dog doing unusual things such as eating another dog’s poop. Whether this behavior is normal or something of concern depends on the context and frequency. Here are some common reasons that may explain dogs that like to eat another dog’s poop.

1. Your dog likes the taste of poop

Your dog might be attracted to the scent and taste of another dog’s poop. Perhaps the other dog ate and digested something that your dog values, such as a smelly dog treat.

2. Your dog is looking for attention

Your dog might eat another dog’s poop in order to get attention. They may have noticed before that doing this results in you making some kind of fuss.

3. Your dog is sick

Illnesses may also encourage coprophagia. Any medical problems that lead to conditions like malabsorption and stomach upsets may increase the dog’s appetite in eating other dog’s feces.

Stopping a dog from eating another dog’s poop

First, rule out any medical issues that may be encouraging your dog to eat any poop he comes across. Moving forward, prevention is going to be the best way to stop your dog from eating another dog’s poop. If this is happening between dogs of the same household, try to get into the habit of picking up poop as soon as the dogs have done their toilet business.

If this is happening outside, the “leave it” and recall commands are going to be your best friend. You need to train your dogs to move away from the poop whenever they come across one. This also relies on you being able to spot the poop before the dog feasts on it.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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