Dogs Can Eat Apple with Peanut Butter in Moderation

Disclaimer: The content on is for informational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.

Apple with peanut butter is a classic combo that some of us enjoy eating as a snack. It can be considered a healthy treat given the nutrient profiles of apple and peanut butter. Dogs can eat apple with peanut butter as well but it should only be in small, infrequent amounts.

In addition to only letting dogs eat a small amount of apple with peanut butter, there are a couple of other safety precautions for dog owners to be aware of. First, it’s important to make sure that you only let your dog eat the flesh of the apple. Don’t give them the core or the apple seeds.

Second, make sure the peanut butter that is slathered onto the apple doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Some peanut butter, for example, may contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that’s toxic to dogs.

We would also suggest limiting the amount of peanut butter you add on top of the apple slices. Too much peanut butter may cause gastrointestinal upsets in dogs due to the amount of fat it contains. You can also check out other human foods that are safe for dogs to eat in moderation.


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