Dogs Can Eat Apple Peels and Skin in Small Amounts

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Yes, dogs can eat the skin or peels of the apple. There’s no reason to believe that apple skin is toxic to dogs. The only parts of the apple you must not allow your dog to eat is the core and seed.

Before you let the dog eat some apple skin, make sure the apple has been washed properly. The skin of the apple may have collected debris and dirt while it was transported. Depending on the source, some apples may also contain a small amount of pesticide residue on the skin.

One home remedy to eliminate some of the harmful residue on the apple skin is by soaking the fruit in a 1% baking soda solution for about 15 minutes. Want to know what other fruits dogs can and cannot eat? Check out our human food for dogs database which uncovers 100+ foods dogs should and shouldn’t eat.


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