Why Bacon Grease & Fat is Bad for Dogs

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Bacon grease, whether that’s from pork or turkey bacon, is not something you should let your dog eat. Just like for our general health, bacon grease and fat do no favors to a dog’s health.

What happens if your dog eats bacon grease?

A small lick of bacon grease is unlikely to cause any harm but anything more may make your dog sick. Bacon grease is bad for dogs because it’s high in fat and sodium. Dogs that eat a high-fat diet are at risk of developing health conditions like pancreatitis.

Eating too much grease or fat may also cause clinical signs like vomiting and diarrhea. There’s also the calorie issue. Dogs that eat too much fat may also gain excessive weight and eventually suffer from obesity.

Can you put bacon grease on dog food?

It could be tempting to add a bit of bacon grease or bacon pieces to your dog’s food when their appetite isn’t that great but we would advise against it. Aside from the health risk, adding bacon grease to your dog’s food may condition your pet to not eat food without it! There are more effective ways to increase your dog’s appetite.

To find out what else aside from bacon grease isn’t safe for dogs to eat, we would recommend visiting our human food for dogs database!


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