Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Banana Bread

Dogs that eat small pieces of banana bread are unlikely to get sick unless they have allergies or sensitives to wheat and grain. Despite this, we would still try to keep the banana bread out of your dog’s reach as there are other ingredients that may not be good for the dog.

For example, most banana bread or banana loaf recipes require a lot of sugar. It’s a mix of the natural sugar from bananas and the sugar you add separately to the bread mix. Dogs, in general, aren’t able to handle a large amount of sugar so it’s possible for them to experience symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and bloating if they eat too many banana breads at once.

Some baking enthusiasts may also like to add secondary ingredients like raisins to the banana bread. As you may already know, raisins are toxic to dogs. To minimize health risks, you are better off letting your dog eat small pieces of banana instead of giving them banana bread. Want to know what else isn’t safe for dogs to eat? Visit our human foods for dog list for an extensive list of foods dogs can and cannot eat.

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