Avoid Feeding Your Dog Black Olives


Olives can make a healthy snack for dogs as long as it’s only given in small, infrequent amounts. This, however, only applies to plain, pitted olives. The reason why we wouldn’t let your dog eat black olives is due to the likelihood that you are only going to come across black olives that are stored in brine when you visit a general store.

Black olives stored in brine is an absolute no-go for dogs. The high sodium content is unsafe for dogs and it may make your dog really sick if he eats too many. You also need to be careful with the black olive pits. Most store-bought products will have it clearly labeled but it doesn’t hurt to double-check and make sure any black olives that your dog eats are pit-free.

Black olive pits can pose a choking threat especially for small-sized dogs. They may also cause blockage in the dog’s intestinal tract, which would be considered an emergency vet situation. If you want your dog to enjoy a bit of the health benefits that olives have to offer then you may be better off feeding them a tiny amount of high-quality olive oil instead.

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