Can Dogs Eat Black Pudding? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

How much of a health risk black pudding is to dogs will depend on a number of factors such as the ingredients used, the amount consumed, and the size of the dog. Eating a tiny amount of black pudding is unlikely to make a dog sick but it’s not a risk you want to take lightly.

First, you need to consider the ingredients used in black pudding. The most common ingredients include pork blood, pork fat, oats, and a variety of herbs and spices. Some black pudding recipes, however, may also contain additional ingredients that are toxic to dogs, such as chopped onions.

The relatively large amount of fat and calories black pudding contains will also be problematic for a dog’s health. It could lead to mild to heavy digestive upsets depending on the amount of black pudding the dog eats.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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