Dogs Can Eat Boiled Carrots in Moderation

Boiled Carrots
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Boiled carrots are healthy treats for dogs and shouldn’t pose a problem as long as they are given in moderation. The great thing about boiled carrots is that they aren’t just packed with nutrients, they are also low in calories so won’t introduce any weight problems like other treats.

Boiled carrots are less of a choking hazard than raw carrots but we would still advise cutting them into smaller pieces so that it’s easier for the dog to chew and swallow. One thing, however, to keep in mind when it comes to boiling vegetables is the potential loss of nutrients.

When you boil vegetables like carrots, some of the nutrient content, such as vitamins, can get lost so it might be a better option to roast or steam the carrots instead. You can leave the carrot skin intact when you cook the carrots but please be sure to give them a good scrub before they are cooked.

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