Cooked Butternut Squash is Safe for Dogs in Moderation

It should be okay for dogs to eat butternut squash as long as it’s a small amount. Butternut squash can make a good occasional treat for dogs because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. It could also be used as an alternative to pumpkins for dogs that are having diarrhea problems.

It’s important to only give your dog a small amount. Cooked butternut squash should not account for the majority of a dog’s daily calorie intake. Dogs that eat too much butternut squash may suffer from stomach upsets.

The same applies to raw butternut squash. You should avoid giving them raw pieces when possible because they can be very hard to digest. Some dogs may just swallow the whole piece without chewing the squash into digestible pieces. The squash might end up becoming a choking hazard, especially for small breed dogs.

The cooking methods we suggest are steaming and roasting. You can boil the butternut squash as well but some of the nutrients may get lost as a result of the boiling process. Butternut squash should also be served plain and in small pieces. The dogs will enjoy it just fine without the extra sugar or types of seasonings. Aside from butternut squash, there are plenty of other vegetables that dogs should be fine eating with in moderation.

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Butternut Squash

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