It’s Unhealthy for Dogs to Eat Cat Food

Cat Food

Dogs and cats have different dietary requirements so it’s not healthy for dogs to be fed cat food (the same applies vice-versa). Doing so once might be okay if it’s an emergency situation but it should never be a regular occurrence.

There are a couple of key differences when it comes to cat and dog food. First, cat food has a tendency to be made with a bit more fat. Dogs don’t always have a high level of tolerance to fat so they may end up with a temporary stomach upset if they eat too much cat food at once.

There’s also the difference in protein. Cat food tends to contain a higher level of protein as felines are obligate carnivores. A high-protein diet is not considered great for dogs.

Dog owners need to also be aware of the differences in specific nutrients between dog food and cat food. Some of these nutrients might be specifically beneficial to cats only. As an owner of both a cat and a dog, it’s important that neither of the animals are taking away food from each other.

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