Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

No, dogs shouldn’t eat cat treats whether that’s from Temptations, Greenies, Sheba, or other popular cat treat brands. It’s not healthy for dogs to eat cat treats because they have different dietary profiles and requirements to cats.

Are cat treats and dog treats the same?

Cat treats and dog treats aren’t necessarily the same. First off, the treats are proportionally sized to meet the nutritional requirements for each pet. Cats, for example, have a higher protein requirement than dogs. If you compare the treats from popular brands like Greenies, you may notice the cat treats having more varieties of animal protein favors than treats designed for dogs.

Why do some dogs like cat treats?

It may come down to the smell and flavors of cat treats. For example, some dogs may find it hard to resist the smell of cat treats that use ingredients like salmon, beef, and chicken.

What happens if a dog eats cat treats?

Your dog is unlikely to fall sick if he eats a cat treat since it doesn’t contain ingredients toxic to pets. That said, you shouldn’t make cat treats an active fixture of the dog’s diet because of the difference in nutritional requirements. The same applies to dogs that eat cat food.

Some pet owners may want to give their dogs cat treats because a piece of dog treat is too big or may contain too many calories for a puppy or a small-sized dog. In such cases, we would recommend finding dog treats that can be easily crushed into smaller pieces, such as freeze dried treats.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Benster | 29/01/2023

    I came home from work and found an empty carton of Temptations cat treat (16 oz). I am not sure if my cat and dog partnered up and shared the treasure or if my dog is the only culprit. How worried should I be if my dog ate all the cat treats?

  • Jane | 29/01/2023

    My dog stole a whole bag of Dreamies duck flavor cat treat while I was upstairs. Should I be worried? I heard cat food has added taurine? Would that affect my dog’s health in any way?

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