Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower Cheese

The most basic cauliflower cheese recipe is not considered toxic to dogs but it can create plenty of health problems, especially if your dog has eaten it in large amounts. In general, cauliflower cheese consists of cauliflower, dairy products like milk and cheese, and seasonings like black pepper.

The most problematic ingredients are the dairy products like butter and cheese. These ingredients tend to be high in fat and dogs don’t really have the stomach to digest them efficiently. Many dogs are also lactose-intolerant so eating cauliflower cheese will create further stress on the dog’s digestive system.

Some cauliflower cheese recipes may use ingredients that are toxic to dogs. One common example is nutmeg, which some people like to sprinkle on top of the cauliflower cheese. A tiny amount of cauliflower cheese is unlikely to hurt your dog but anything more may require a trip to the vet.

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