Avoid Feeding Your Dog Chicken Gristles and Cartilage

Chicken Bone
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In general, dog owners need to be careful when they feed their dog bones or parts around the bone. Chicken bone, for example, should never be given to dogs because they will easily shatter and the resulting sharp edges of the bone pieces may cause lacerations in the dog’s stomach or intestinal tract.

The chicken gristle and cartilage are a bit of a grey area. Unlike bones, cartilage consists of soft and flexible tissue so it doesn’t introduce the same laceration risks as bones do. The cartilage, however, may still pose a choking hazard if dogs swallow without chewing the pieces.

Some articles state that chicken cartilage is beneficial to dogs because it’s a natural source of glucosamine and the texture of the cartilage makes it easy for dogs to clean their teeth. There is likely to be some level of truth there but we believe the risks of eating cartilage outweighs the benefits it provides, especially when there are plenty of safer alternatives available.

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