Dogs Can Enjoy Chobani Yogurt in Moderation

Most dogs will be okay with eating a small amount of plain Chobani yogurt. Plain Greek yogurts aren’t known to contain any substances that are toxic to dogs.

There is, however, the concern with lactose intolerance but plain Greek yogurt from Chobani is stated as having less than 5% lactose so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as the dog is only given a small amount. You should, however, avoid feeding dairy-based products like Chobani if you know your dog has a high lactose intolerance level.

The above is only referencing plain yogurt that doesn’t contain any additional ingredients or preservatives. Certain Chobani yogurt products such as those that contain fruit flavoring may contain more sugar than the plain version and that could potentially be problematic for a dog’s stomach. Always check the product label before you let your dog get a taste.

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