Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Chocolate Ice Cream

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Chocolate ice cream and ice cream of any other flavors should be strictly off-limits to dogs. Dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate ice cream as the ingredients are unsafe for a dog’s health.

Why chocolate ice cream is bad for dogs

First and most importantly, the main ingredient, chocolate, is toxic to dogs. The reason for the toxicity is due to the presence of a compound called theobromine. Chocolate ice cream may contain a lower dose of theobromine than regular chocolate but that doesn’t make them any safer for pets.

Aside from the dangers of chocolate, ice cream also contains a high amount of sugar and fat. Dogs that are regularly fed foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat may suffer down the road. You can’t rule out conditions like pancreatitis for dogs that are fed a high-fat diet. Some dogs may also have sensitive stomachs and end up having diarrhea or stomach upsets because they aren’t used to consuming something super sweet such as chocolate ice cream.

There’s also the dairy content to worry about. Dogs don’t have a high tolerance of lactose so eating chocolate ice cream isn’t going to do any flavor for their stomachs.

What to do if your dog eats chocolate ice cream

Gauge the situation. Did your dog only have a tiny lick or ate a whole tub of chocolate ice cream? Most dogs may end up just fine if it was only a tiny amount. In this case, you should just watch over your dog carefully for the next few days and make sure he doesn’t start to display any concerning symptoms.

On the other hand, you may want to call the vet for advice if your dog ate a large amount of chocolate ice cream. Treatment may be required if the dog ate more than his body can cope with. It will be super helpful for the vet if you find out what ingredients the chocolate ice cream contains to help determine the severity of the situation. Home remedies for chocolate consumption is also available but isn’t recommended unless the vet gives explicit approval.


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