Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Safely?


Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat cilantro in moderation. Given its unique scent, cilantro might not appeal to a lot of dogs but it does offer a number of great health benefits if it is used as an occasional supplement to regular dog food.

Cilantro is packed with a number of essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. According to American Kennel Club, vitamin K is important for dogs as it activates a dog blood’s ability to clot. Cilantro supposedly also helps dogs with upset stomachs although this isn’t conclusive.

If you are introducing cilantro to your dog for the first time then please do so in small amounts. It’s important to test your dog’s reaction to cilantro before you decide whether it is to be used as an occasional supplement to dog food or dog treat.

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