Dogs Can Eat Corn in Small Quantities

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Corn is not considered harmful and can be eaten by dogs in small quantities. Many people mistaken the nutritional value of corn. They believe corn is just a filler with minimal nutrients but that isn’t the case. Corn contains important nutrients like vitamin E and linoleic acid.

As far as how it is best served, we would suggest taking the kernels off the cob first. You shouldn’t let your dog near the cob as it can pose a major choking hazard, especially for small-breed dogs. The corn kernels should also be served plain. Don’t cook it with butter or oil because that would just increase the risk of digestive problems.

If this will be the first time your dog eats corn then do let him only try a few pieces at first. It’s very unlikely but some dogs may have allergies to grains like corn so it’s best to be cautious at first. View our human foods for dogs database if you would like to find out what else dogs can eat in small quantities.


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