Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Creamed Corn

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Corn is not considered harmful to dogs but creamed corn can be. The reason creamed corn is not good for dogs is due to the fact that this dish is heavy in dairy-based products like cream, cheese, butter, and milk. Many dogs are lactose-intolerant so will have trouble trying to digest these ingredients.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to see dogs suffering from digestive problems like diarrhea after they have eaten a decent amount of creamed corn. Some cream corn recipes may also include ingredients that are toxic to dogs, such as garlic and onion.

There are very little health benefits for a dog to gain from eating creamed corn. It would be much safer to let them eat a little bit of plain corn instead. Aside from creamed corn, there are other foods dogs shouldn’t be eating. View our food safety list to see what they are.


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