Can Dogs Eat Cucumber? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

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Cucumbers are perfectly fine for dogs to eat as long as you do some preparations beforehand. Cucumbers make a good healthy treat for dogs because they are low in calories and packed with nutrients like vitamin K.

There are just two things you need to be aware of before you let your dog eat cucumbers. First, make sure to cut the cucumbers into smaller pieces. The hard, crunchy texture of cucumbers could pose a choking hazard especially for small-breed dogs. Don’t just hand over a whole cucumber to a dog and expect him to chomp it into smaller pieces before swallowing.

Second, don’t let your dog eat too much cucumber at once. There isn’t anything toxic with cucumbers but dogs are always at risk of developing gastrointestinal upsets if they eat too much of any food item. As a general rule of thumb, you should follow the 10% rule whenever you introduce anything new to the dog. Treats like cucumber should compose of no more than 10% of a dog’s daily food intake. Other than cucumbers, there are plenty of other vegetables that dogs are fine eating in moderation.

Can dogs eat cucumber?

Cucumber skin is not considered toxic to dogs so it’s fine if you let your dog eat a small amount every once in a while. The one and fairly minor concern with cucumber skin, however, is the fact that dogs might have a bit of difficulty digesting it.

You can alleviate those concerns though by chopping the cucumber flesh and skin into tiny pieces and making sure that your dog is only eating a small amount as an occasional treat. The skin is actually the most nutrient-dense part of the cucumber so you want to make sure your dog doesn’t miss out on those nutritional goodies.

According to data provided by the USDA, some cucumbers are known for having pesticide residue. To be on the extra safe side, you may want to soak the cucumber in a bowl of water and baking soda for about fifteen minutes to get rid of some of the residue on the cucumber skin.


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