Dogs Can Chew and Eat Deer Antlers & Bones

Some pet supply stores sell deer antlers and deer bones as natural chew toys for dogs. In short, dogs can chew deer antlers although this should only be done under supervision. There are a few safety risks that dog owners need to be aware of.

First, deer antlers and bones could be considered excessively-hard chews and this may result in a dog breaking their teeth if they chew too hard. Deer antlers are best-suited for dogs with a powerful chew. If the conventional toy doesn’t last long then a deer antler could naturally be a good next choice. Dogs with sensitive teeth shouldn’t be allowed to eat deer antlers.

The second safety concern is an internal one. As dogs chew on the antler ord eer bone, some parts of it may break or splinter. These sharp parts may get lodged in the dog’s mouth, throat, or stomach. In addition to causing internal laceration, the broken parts of the deer antler may also cause blockage in the intestinal tract. This is why it’s important to only let your dog play with the deer antler under supervision.

Before you let your dog eat a deer antler or deer bone, we would advise sterilizing it through blanching. This process involves dipping the antler into a pot of boiling water for about a minute before immersing it in ice-cold water. Don’t boil the antler for too long as that could make it too brittle.

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