Dogs Can Eat Dragon Fruit in Moderation

Most dogs should be okay with eating dragon fruit as long as it’s given in moderation. Dragon fruits are non-toxic to dogs and can make a healthy treat because they are packed with antioxidants and prebiotics.

There are, however, some important preparation steps before you let your dog eat some dragon fruit. First, make sure you peel and discard the red skin of the fruit. This can be difficult for dogs to digest and may also cause irritations in the dog’s intestinal tract due to the spiky skin. It may also increase the risk of choking if the dog ingests the dragon fruit skin without chewing it properly.

Second, only let your dog eat a small amount of dragon fruit. It might not be toxic to dogs but any food, including dragon fruits, that are not part of the dog’s regular diet may cause gastrointestinal upsets if they are given in large amounts.

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