Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots Safely?

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Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat dried apricots in moderation. The stem, pit (or seeds), and leaves are toxic for dogs but these parts of the fruit are usually already taken out from dried apricots so they aren’t thing you have to necessarily worry about. Despite not being toxic, we would only recommend giving your dog dried apricots as small, occasional treats.

The occasional dried apricot treat could be good for your pet because apricots are packed with a variety of nutrients. They are, for example, known for being a source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Please note that some dried apricot products may have a higher concentration of sugar and calories so this is why we emphasize the importance of giving your dog dried apricots in moderation. Too much dried apricots may lead to weight gains.

Aside from dried apricots, there are other human foods that dogs might be able to enjoy in moderation. Our comprehensive guide has you covered if you would like to know what is and isn’t safe.


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