Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Dried Cherries

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Cherries (without the pit) are safe for dogs to eat in moderation but you do need to be extra careful with dried or preserved cherries. Some dried cherry products may come with additional ingredients or additives that aren’t healthy for dogs.

For example, some dried cherry products may come with additional sugar, which isn’t good for your dog’s stomach given the amount of natural sugar the actual cherry already contains. As a result, dogs that eat too many dried cherries may end up with digestive symptoms like stomach upsets.

If you check the label of some dried cherry products, some might say that the cherries may come with an occasional pit, pit fragment, or stem. These parts can be toxic to dogs. To avoid any health risk, we would just let your dog eat fresh cherries instead as an occasional treat. Make sure the toxic parts are discarded before you serve the cherries to your dog. Find out what else dogs should or shouldn’t eat by visiting our human dog for food database.


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