Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat English Muffins


Generally speaking, we would avoid feeding your dog most types of bread including English muffins. Plain English muffins aren’t toxic to dogs but that doesn’t mean their body can tolerate it well.

A dog that eats a tiny amount of English muffin is unlikely to get sick but eating several muffins may trigger a reaction. Some of the ingredients that go into the making of an English muffin may not be healthy for dogs when consumed in large amounts. This could include ingredients like butter and sugar.

As a result, some dogs may start to suffer from health conditions like stomach upsets and diarrhea. The severity of symptoms will depend on a number of factors such as the amount of muffin consumed, the ingredients used in the muffin, and the size of the dog. There is also a small likelihood that dogs are allergic to the ingredients used for the English muffin. This is why you should refrain from letting your dog eat human food when possible.

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