Can Dogs Eat Fish? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

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In short, dogs can eat fish but there are certain safety precautions to be aware of before you go ahead and give your dog a piece of fish.

What fish is toxic to dogs?

There are certain types of fish species you wouldn’t want to feed to your dog because they have health risks such as containing a relatively high amount of mercury or introducing the risk of passing over parasites (especially if the fish is undercooked). Fishes you could consider as “toxic” or unsafe to dogs include tilefish, swordfish, albacore tuna, shark, and king mackerel. Don’t worry. There are plenty of safer and cheaper alternatives your dog can consume!

Why is fish not good for dogs?

Fish is perfectly fine for dogs as long as it’s one piece of a well-balanced canine diet. Dogs can benefit from nutrients that fish is known for being a rich source of such as omega-3 fatty acids. Fish meat, however, should not consist of the majority of a dog’s daily diet. One reason has to do with the fact that fish is typically low in calories and also lacks nutrients that a dog’s body requires to function properly.

Is cooked fish good for dogs?

Yes, it’s preferred that you give your dog cooked fish and not raw fish. It’s difficult to come across raw fish that is free of parasitic and bacterial risk. Cooked fish is fine for dogs as long as you stick to a healthy cooking method, including roasting and baking. Avoid feeding your dog fish that has been heavily fried in cooking oil. The fat from the oil doesn’t bode well for a dog’s long-term health.

What fish is best for dogs?

you can visit our human foods list to find out what specific species of fish are the best for dogs. A few popular options include whitefish, haddock, flounder, salmon, and cod.


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