Dogs Can Eat Frozen Blueberries as Healthy Treats

Yes, dogs can enjoy a small amount of frozen blueberries. They might even prefer it more than fresh blueberries during a hot summer day. Just make sure it’s only given to dogs in moderation.

Blueberries are packed with many important nutrients but too much of a good thing may sometimes end up as a bad thing. Dogs that are allowed to eat too many frozen blueberries in one sitting may end up with a temporary stomach upset. Blueberries contain a decent amount of natural sugar. It might end putting a lot of stress on the dog’s digestive tract if they consume too much sugar at once.

For small dogs, we recommend giving frozen blueberries one at a time. It could end up being a choking hazard if the dog ends up swallowing a few frozen blueberries without giving them a proper chew. To reduce the risk, you might want to just thaw out the frozen blueberries first before they are fed to dogs.

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