Garlic Bread Can Be Really Bad for Dogs

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We wouldn’t let your dog eat garlic bread. The main reason to keep your dog away is due to garlic being toxic to dogs. It might be a recipe for disaster if you let your dog eat many pieces of garlic bread, especially if it was recently made with raw garlic.

Garlic also isn’t the only problem for dogs. Garlic bread tends to use a large amount of oil, butter, cheese, and herbs. All of these ingredients can be problematic for a dog’s stomach.

According to one study, dogs will need to eat about 15 to 30 grams of garlic per kg of body weight in order to feel the harmful effects of garlic. This essentially means that it will take a lot of garlic for dogs to get really sick. If your dog only ate a small piece then you may want to observe your dog carefully for a few hours to make sure he is not displaying any concerning symptoms.

Garlic bread is also considered a high-calorie food so you put your dog at risk of gaining significant weight if you let him eat it on a regular basis. Garlic bread isn’t the only “no-no” when it comes to human foods. Visit our database to find out what other human foods can be toxic to pets.


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