Dogs Can Eat Jasmine Rice in Moderation


Plain rice, in general, is safe for dogs to eat as long as it’s not in large amounts. This also applies to jasmine rice. One reason why you don’t want to let your dog eat too much jasmine rice is due to the fact that rice is relatively high in calories.

By eating jasmine rice, dogs might feel more full and that may reduce their hunger for the more nutritious dog food. Another concern is allergies. Some dogs are known to be sensitive to grains so eating foods like jasmine rice may trigger a gastrointestinal upset.

This, however, doesn’t mean you should never feed your dog jasmine rice. There could be certain instances when it’s helpful long-grain rice. For example, some dog owners opt to give their dog plain rice and chicken if they are suffering from temporary health issues like diarrhea. Jasmine rice could help in this case due to its fiber content.

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