Can Dogs Eat Jicama Plants? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat certain parts of the Jicama plant in moderation. Also known as the Mexican turnip or the Mexican yam bean, Jicamas are root vegetables that are cooked in variety of ways. Dogs can be fed the bulbous root of the Jicama but others parts of the plant such as the leaves, skin, seed, and roots should be removed as they can be toxic to your pets. In most cases, stores usually only sell the edible part of the Jicama so it’s something you may just want to be aware of.

Jicama is packed with a variety of nutrients such as vitamin C so it could be a great treat for your dog every once in a while. One of the best ways to prepare Jicamas for dogs is by cutting it into small pieces then baking with using additional additives. We always recommend serving a tiny amount if this is the first time your dog is being given Jicama. While it’s not toxic, some dogs may have difficulty digesting food that they haven’t tried before so it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Jicama plants aren’t the only human foods that dog owners aren’t sure of. For other tips, feel free to visit our comprehensive human foods database, which will help suggest what is and isn’t good for dogs.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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