Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Leaves

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The following reasons may help explain dogs that seemingly enjoy chomping on leaves, whether that’s the leaves of indoor plants or the dead leaves that have piled up outdoors.

1. They like the taste of leaves

They are just being a dog. Some dogs will eat leaves because they love the scent and taste. You might, for example, see that your dog has a particular knack for munching on the leaves of strong-scented plants. In some cases, it could just be a matter of curiosity. Dogs taste and smell to discover new things around them.

2. To alleviate boredom

Some dogs will start exhibiting destructive behaviors and munch on non-food items like leaves and twigs if their social needs aren’t being fulfilled. The leaf-eating behavior should go away instantly as long as the dog is getting plenty of playtime and walks.

3. They are sick

While there is no strong evidence to support this claim, some believe that dogs like to munch on leaves and sticks to help induce vomiting. This could, for example, be particularly useful if the dog is feeling nauseous. It might also happen when a dog is having issues in the digestive tract. A bloated dog or a dog suffering from symptoms like diarrhea may try to relieve the discomfort by eating leaves and other materials that appear high in fiber.

How to stop a dog from eating leaves

It’s not always a sign of concern when dogs eat leaves. They might be acting normal if the leaf-eating happens infrequently. It, however, could be a different matter if the dog is chewing the leaves and twigs whenever he gets an opportunity to.

You should first make sure that the dog is not displaying this pica behavior because he has an underlying health problem. You should also make sure it’s not a result of boredom and anxiety. If you can rule out mental and health issues as a cause, it might just be a case of getting your dog trained up and having him avoid a pile of leaves by using commands such as “leave it”.


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