Dogs Can Have Oat Milk in Moderation

Oat Milk

Unfortunately, most dogs aren’t able to enjoy dairy products like cow milk due to having a high level of lactose intolerance. The good news is that dogs can have alternatives like oat milk as long as it’s in moderation.

Oat milk is typically made using oat concentrate, water, and other minor ingredients. Plain oat milk usually doesn’t contain any ingredients that are considered toxic to pets. They can be enjoyed by dogs as long as it’s in small amounts. The reason you would want to avoid letting your dog drink too much oat milk at once is due to the high fiber content.

Dogs that drink too much oat milk at once may end up with a temporary stomach upset. Aside from minor gastrointestinal problems, there aren’t many other health risks that comes with oat milk unless your dog happens to have an allergy towards it.

Just make sure you are feeding your dog plain oat milk. Don’t give them oat milk that comes with ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Chocolate oat milk or oat milk that comes with a lot of added sugar, for example, shouldn’t be given to dogs.

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