Keep Orange Peels Away from Your Dog

Orange Skin

No, you shouldn’t allow your dog to eat the leftover peels of an orange. The peels must always be safely discarded and out of your dog’s reach. The orange peels aren’t considered “toxic” to dogs but they are sure to introduce problems in your dog’s digestive system if ingested.

There are a couple of concerns with letting your dog (deliberate or accidental) eat orange peels. First, it’s likely to be very hard for dogs to digest orange peel. Large pieces of orange peel may cause problems like constipation, especially for puppies and small-breed dogs.

Second, orange peels are likely to be contaminated with pesticide residue. It might not bode well for your dog’s long-term health if they are consistently fed fruit skins that are laced with pesticide. The acidity of oranges doesn’t make it the best option among all the non-toxic fruits available to dogs.

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