Can Dogs Eat Peppermint Candy Safely?

Peppermint Candy

No, your dogs should not eat peppermint candy. They contain ingredients that can be toxic to pets, especially if they are ingested in large amounts. A lot of peppermint candies and similar products like candy canes include artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which are known to be bad for dogs.

Xylitol in peppermint candies can make your dog sick by causing health issues like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). Small amounts of peppermint candies could cause serious harm so we would strongly recommend calling the emergency vet if you suspect that your dog has eaten some peppermint candies.

Aside from contain ingredients that are potentially toxic to dogs, peppermint candies may also disrupt a dog’s stomach by obstructing the intestinal tract. Make sure peppermint candies are never within a dog’s reach.