Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Safely?

Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat persimmon in moderation. It makes a great, healthy treat for dogs because persimmon is rich in nutrients like vitamin C and iron.

You shouldn’t, however, just hand your dog a persimmon and expect him to go to town. Please be sure to prepare the persimmon beforehand by cutting it into smaller pieces and taking out the seeds and pit. Persimmon seeds aren’t toxic to dogs but they can cause obstructions in the intestinal tract.

Persimmon is a fruit that’s also known for having a high fructose content. Fructose is a natural fruit sugar that isn’t dangerous for dogs but could be unhealthy for pets if it is consumed in large amounts. That’s why you should only give fruits like persimmons as an occasional treat and not as part of a regular meal.

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