Can Dogs Eat Pork? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

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Plain pork is safe for dogs to eat in moderation. Dogs need protein (especially from animal sources) for their body to function and pork is one type of meat they can get the protein from.

Is pork meat healthy for dogs?

Absolutely. Pork is a nutritious source of protein that can be considered as part of a balanced and complete canine diet. 100 grams of pork loin, for example, could contain 5 grams of saturated fat, 423 mg of potassium, and vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B6. You may want to consider the parts that don’t contain as much fat such as the tenderloin.

Will pork hurt dogs?

Yes, it’s possible for pork to make dogs sick if the meat hasn’t been prepared correctly or hasn’t been prepared in a hygienic way. As a general rule of thumb, we would avoid feeding your dog raw pork as it may contain parasites that cause infections such as the trichinella spiralis larvae. It’s not easy to source raw pork meat that is safe from such parasitic risks.

When you cook the pork, make sure there are no additives added. It’s best to let your dog eat plain pork meat. Cooking methods like roasting, baking, or boiling is also a lot healthier than frying. Certain types of pork meat may also contain pieces of bone. We would take the bone pieces out while the pork is being prepared. When cooked, pork bones can splinter and become choking risks after a dog consumes them.

Why is pork not used in dog food?

Pork doesn’t inspire much confidence especially when we consider how little it is used in commercial dog food products. While there is no concrete reason for this, one belief has to do with the stigma that pork has with the presence of trichinella (now more of a myth). Another reason may have to do with scarcity and how there aren’t many leftover parts with pork given pigs are always used all the way down to nothing.

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