Can Dogs Eat Potato Chips Safely?

No, you shouldn’t feed your dog potato chips. A lot of potato chips have a high sodium content, which isn’t good for your dog’s health. As a result, dogs that eat a lot of potato chips may potentially suffer from excessive thirst and dehydration. Some potato chips may also have a high fat and processed oil content, which may cause further problems with the dog’s stomach.

Last but not least, Potato chips also have little to none nutritional value so there isn’t much benefit your dog is going to gain health-wise. Potato chips aren’t considered toxic to dogs unless they are mixed with ingredients, such as garlic powder, that can be harmful to pets. That said, it’s hard to see any benefit to giving your dog the occasional potato chip so we would suggest considering other healthier options for dog treats.

Potato chips aren’t the only human foods that pet owners should not give to their dogs. Check out our full database to learn more about what is and isn’t appropriate to give to dogs.

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Potato Chips

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