Dogs Can Eat Small Amounts of Pumpkin Seeds

Many fruit and vegetable seeds are off-limits to dogs, but not the pumpkin seed! It’s safe for dogs to eat pumpkin seeds as long as it’s in moderation. These seeds are known to offer a number of health benefits. They are, for example, high in antioxidants and contain nutrients that may promote better heart health. They can be a great healthy addition to your dog’s snack list.

There are, however, some safety precautions we would suggest before you feed your dog some pumpkin seeds. First, it’s recommended that you clean and peel the seeds. Peeled or shelled pumpkin seeds are likely to be much easier for dogs to digest. For small dogs, it might be better to grind the pumpkin seeds and have it added to your dog’s regular food.

In addition to peeling and grinding the seeds, we would also recommend roasting them. It’s easy for pumpkin seeds to spoil quickly. You don’t want to be feeding your dog moldy pumpkin seeds that are likely to make your dog sick. Roast the raw pumpkin seeds (without any additives) as soon as you bring them home to extend their shelf life.

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