Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Raw (Uncooked) Chicken

There is a growing movement towards feeding dogs a raw diet and this may include letting your dog eat raw (uncooked) chicken meat. Dog owners can let their dog eat raw (uncooked) meat although they should first understand the risks before doing so.

Chicken is a great source of protein for dogs and is a common ingredient used in store-bought dog food. What dog owners need to be aware of is the potential risk of catching harmful bacterial infections like salmonella. Food standards continue to improve and the risks of catching such infections have decreased over time but the risk is still there.

We don’t believe there is a strong-enough benefit to be feeding your dog uncooked chicken. This applies to every part including raw chicken breast. As a safety precaution, we would suggest only letting your dog eat cooked chicken meat that doesn’t come with extra ingredients or seasoning. When cooking chicken meat for dogs, you should also avoid any cooking methods that involve oil (such as frying).

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Chicken Meat

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