Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Raw Fish Bones

Raw Fish

Raw fish bones just aren’t the same as other types of bones that dogs may enjoy including beef and pork bones. Whether it’s from salmon, whitefish, cod or other species of culinary fish, it’s best to keep the raw fish bones away from your dog. There are a number of health risks fish bones may introduce.

First, raw fish bones are small and brittle. This makes it very easy for the bones to get lodged in your dog’s digestive tract, including the mouth, stomach, and throat. These bones may potentially cause internal damage over time. For small dogs, certain parts of the fish bone, such as the vertebrae, may even cause a small blockage.

Second, fish bones may indirectly cause an infection in the dog’s body. Some of the raw fish bones that get lodged in the dog’s body may have sharp edges. These edges may cause internal wounds and eventually lead to infections.

Fish species with soft bones (such as sardines) could be considered an exception and dogs should be able to eat the bones of these fish species just fine.

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