Don’t Let Your Dog Eat Rich Tea Biscuits

Tea Biscuit

Plain rich tea biscuits don’t contain ingredients that are considered toxic to pets but you should still try to avoid giving them these biscuits as a treat. A tiny amount of rich tea biscuit as an occasional treat is unlikely to hurt your dog but those that are given biscuits on a regular basis would be at risk of developing various health problems.

The two main problems that come with rich tea biscuits is the sugar content and calories. Some biscuits may have a decent amount of sugar, especially for a dog’s standard. Dogs don’t deal very well with a high amount of sugar intake. They could end up suffering from digestive problems if they are given too many rich tea biscuits.

With sugar also comes the calories. Dogs could become at risk of developing weight issues if they are allowed to eat sweet biscuits regularly. Instead of rich tea biscuits, consider the many other dog treat alternatives that are much healthier for a dog’s diet and lifestyle.

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