Limit the Amount of Salmon Skin Your Dog Eats

Salmon Skin

Salmon skin is not considered toxic to dogs but it’s important to moderate the amount that you feed to your dog. The most important reason for limiting your dog’s consumption of salmon skin is due to the fact that it contains a relatively high amount of fat!

Yes, salmon skin does offer a plethora of nutritional benefit but dogs that are fed a high-fat diet are susceptible to painful conditions like pancreatitis. In most cases, dogs should be already getting most of their nutrients from their regular dog food so it’s not always necessary to supplement their diet with treats like salmon skin.

The above is only referring to plainly-cooked salmon skin. These days, you will also be able to purchase salmon skin crackling. A lot of these products are seasoned with ingredients that are harmful to pets. If you want to feed your dog some salmon skin then please be sure to only offer a tiny amount. The salmon skin should also be cooked plain.

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