Dogs Can Eat Savoy Cabbage in Moderation

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Yes, it’s safe for dogs eat savoy cabbage as long as it’s a small amount. Savoy cabbage could be beneficial for a dog’s health because it’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C.

Despite its health benefits, the amount of savoy cabbage you let your dog eat should be limited. Cabbage is known to make dogs gassy so there’s always a risk of your dog suffering from stomach upsets if he is allowed to eat too much.

In addition to making dogs gassy, dog owners who have pooches with thyroid issues should be a bit more cautious with cruciferous vegetables like savoy cabbages. These vegetables are known for containing substances that interfere with a thyroid’s function. You can reduce the risk by only allowing your dog to eat small amounts of cooked savoy cabbage.

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