Dogs May Eat Plain Scrambled Eggs in Moderation

A small amount of scrambled eggs should be okay for most dogs to eat as long as it’s infrequent and it has been prepared with the dog’s safety in mind.

It’s best to only feed your dog a small amount of plain scrambled eggs. It should be considered a treat and not a replacement for the dog’s regular diet. The scrambled eggs should not come with any ingredients or seasonings that we like to typically add to make the eggs more flavorful. This includes salt, pepper, butter, hot sauce, and onions.

Eggs do come with certain risks like salmonella but this applies mostly to raw eggs. If this will be the first time your dog will be eating eggs (in any form) then please be sure to only give a tiny amount. Among all the different allergies dog may have, eggs are considered one of the more common.

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