Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Fat Trimmings from Steak

We would avoid feeding your dog steak fat or fat trimmed from other types of meat. Steak fat isn’t necessarily dangerous or unsafe for dogs but it can have long-term consequences for your dog’s health, especially if they are given steak fat regularly.

For example, dogs that are fed fatty food like steak fat on a regular basis are much more prone to developing health conditions like pancreatitis, which can lead to life-threatening complications. A tiny amount of steak fat, however, is unlikely to be troublesome as long as it’s infrequent.

If you do plan to give your dog a bit of steak fat then be sure to chop it into tiny pieces first. Steak fat could become a choking hazard for smaller dogs although this depends on how the fat gets trimmed. You should also not be feeding your dog any steak fat that has seasoning as certain ingredients that are mainstays of steak dishes (such as garlic) are toxic to dogs.

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