A Small Amount of Swiss Cheese Might be Okay for Dogs


Pet owners need to be careful anytime they give their dog dairy-based products like swiss cheese. While plain swiss cheese isn’t considered toxic to dogs, it may pose other health problems if dogs were to ingest it in large amounts.

The first problem is the lactose content of swiss cheese. Many dogs have lactose intolerance so they may have trouble digesting some of the cheese content. The good news is that swiss cheese is known for having a lower amount of lactose compared to other cheese types. This means dog might be able to tolerate it a lot better as long as they are only given a small amount of swiss cheese.

The second reason to limit the amount of swiss cheese a dog can eat is the amount of fat. Dogs that take in too much fat at once could suffer from mild digestive upsets. Limiting the amount of fat intake is also important for preventing serious health conditions like pancreatitis.

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