Avoid Feeding Your Dog Tuna in Sunflower Oil

Tuna chunks in sunflower oil are not considered toxic to dogs but could still potentially cause digestive upsets if a dog was to eat too much of it. Sunflower oil is considered to have less saturated fat than other types of cooking oils so the long-term health implications it may cause are less serious for dogs.

That said, it’s very important to moderate the amount of fat your dog consumes and it is very likely that your dog is already getting his fat intake from his regular dog food. You don’t want to go overboard and put your dog at risk of long-term health issues like obesity and arthritis.

If you want to let your dog eat a bit of tuna then we would suggest offering a small amount from tuna chunks that are canned in spring water instead. Want to know more about the potential dangers of human food for dogs? Our database has you covered with 100+ human food items that are or aren’t safe for dogs to eat.

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