Dogs Can Eat Turnip Greens in Moderation

It’s safe for most dogs to eat a small amount of turnip greens as long as some preparation goes into it. Like other parts of the turnip, the leafy part is nutritious and offers a number of health benefits. Turnip greens, for example, contains a decent amount of vitamin C!

How to prepare turnip greens for dogs

First, wash the leaves thoroughly to remove all the debris and dirt that may still be intact. Next, steam or roast the turnip green. Turnips are part of the cruciferous vegetable family and these vegetables are known for having goitrogenic properties.

This property can disrupt the production of thyroid hormones in the dog’s body, especially if they are consumed in excessive amounts. Cooking turnip greens can help minimize the impact the goitrogenic compound can have on the dog’s body.

It’s important that you only feed a small amount as cruciferous vegetables like turnip greens are also known to make dogs a bit gassy. This can lead to dangerous conditions like bloat, especially if a dog ate too many turnip greens in one sitting.

You can learn more about what vegetables are or aren’t safe for dogs to eat by visiting our database of safe or unsafe vegetables.

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