Dogs Can Eat Turnip in Moderation

Turnip is safe for dogs to eat as long as it’s given in moderation. Turnips can make healthy supplements to a dog’s diet as they are packed with vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and magnesium.

How many turnips can a dog eat?

For medium-sized dogs, we would allow the dog to eat no more than one cup of turnip per day. This works out to about three or four pieces of turnip. Larger dogs can have a bit more while smaller dogs should be limited to one or two pieces at most. Remember, turnips should be supplements and not a replacement for a dog’s regular diet.

How do you cook turnips for dogs?

Raw turnip is perfectly fine for dogs to eat. If you prefer to give your pet something cooked, we would suggest either boiling, steaming, or roasting the turnip pieces (without any extra ingredients). Frying is not recommended as the cooking oil will introduce a lot of fat.

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